Florentine Opaline Soliflor

A pretty single flower vase archetypal of Florence (Italy) savoir-faire. Of course the pattern makes us think or Murano but the glass is opaque instead of transparent.
It’s and hand-crafted item, blown by a master glassmaker.
Colours are bright and very contrasting.
Its quality and design make it a small but very delicate vase that will never be unnoticed, wherever you choose to place it.




Florence – Italy


Blown Opaline


Height: 7,75"<br>Max diameter: 3,25"<br>Mouth diameter: 2,25"


Near Mint<br><br> VINTAGE CONDITION CHART<br> Mint: Never worn, perfect condition, most of the time only well conserved genuine stocks.<br> Near Mint: Just the samne as above. Worn only once or twice.<br> Excellent: Very few signs of wear. Nothing apparent.<br> Very Good: Normal signs of wear. Do not prevent usage.<br> Good: Clear signs of wear. Do not prevent usage.<br> Poor or Fair: Cannot be used but have some real interest about fashion or design history.


Wipe dust with clean soft cloth. Wash with hot water and detergent. Dish washer is NOT advisable.

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