1950s Hot chocolate set from Vallauris France


This chocolate set came straight from the french 1950s. It is so cute but also a real rarity. It was made in the Cerenne workshop, a society that was founded in 1945 and ceased in 1958.
By the style and the theme of the decoration, we can tell it was created in the 1950s and the drawing (obviously hand made) was executed with a lot of delicateness and sensitivity.
Several decoration of this style were atributed to Yvonne Maurel, a recognised ceramist painter and in this case it shows couples of lovers in the tradition of french artist Peynet.
The set is complete (chocolate pot, milk jar and sugar pot) and in excellent condition – there’s a nearly invisible scratch on the jar mouth. Each piece is signed with the fabric stamp and one is hand written with the name of the distributer – purchaser (la boutique Humbert), a common practice in those times.
A must have for any lover of the mid-century modern style and a wonderfull work a fineness.




Vallauris France


Hand painted Ceramic


Cerenne (Vallauris) painting atributed to Yvonne Maurel


Chocolate pot: Height: 5,9" (7,1" with cap), Base diameter: 4,3", Max width: 6,3"<br> Milk Jar: Height: 4,1" (5,3" with cap), Base diameter: 3,3", Max width: 5,1"<br> Sugar pot: Height: 2" (4,3" with cap), Base diameter: 3,1", Max width: 6,7"<br>


Excellent<br><br> VINTAGE CONDITION CHART<br> Mint: Never worn, perfect condition, most of the time only well conserved genuine stocks.<br> Near Mint: Just the samne as above. Worn only once or twice.<br> Excellent: Very few signs of wear. Nothing apparent.<br> Very Good: Normal signs of wear. Do not prevent usage.<br> Good: Clear signs of wear. Do not prevent usage.<br> Poor or Fair: Cannot be used but have some real interest about fashion or design history.


Wipe dust with a clean soft cloth.<br> Hand wash only with water and soap.<br>Do NOT use dishwasher.

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